Top 5 Mixed Martial Arts Organizations not the UFC

When you talk Mixed Martial Arts Organizations you associate the UFC with MMA. This is currently the largest and most recognized, but there are hundreds of other leagues around the world. The sport of mixed martial arts is growing and every organizations is looking for the niche.


There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that the UFC is the best and biggest┬áMMA┬ápromotion in the sport right now. In fact, it is the greatest mixed martial arts promotion in history.

However, there are other great promotions being run right now. With the growing popularity of the sport, these promotions are able to get TV time on networks such as Spike TV, AXS TV and Showtime.


Here are the top five MMA organizations currently being run outside the UFC.

5. Tie Between Legacy FC and Maximum FC


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There are so many great organizations that could have made this list, so that’s why we kick off our top-five list with a tie.

Canada’s Maximum FC and Texas-based Legacy FC have both proven to be top MMA organizations with their quality cards, solid talent roster and precious TV time they both have with AXS TV. Both have produced some great prospects that have in turn deepened the UFC’s talent roster after exposure from the companies.

Maximum FC utilizes a ring for their shows, giving them an old-school Pride feel. In addition to that, they have produced guys like Ryan Jimmo, who now graces the UFC’s light heavyweight division.

Further than that, they rarely have a boring show. Every time I have indulged in one of their fight cards, I have not been disappointed with the quality or excitement.

Legacy is creating some great up-and-comers in addition to some solid veteran faces. They have given the UFC talents like Daniel Pineda and Andrew Craig, just to name a couple.

With Robert Drysdale and Will Campuzano as two of their keynote fighters, Legacy will continue its ascent up the MMA ladder.