Kunlun Fight, is a Chinese kickboxing promotion developed by Kunsun Media. Kunlun Fight debuted in 2014 and is regarded as one of the top kickboxing promotions in the world. The first event was held in Pattaya, Thailand on January 25, 2014. One of the main stars of the promotion is Buakaw Banchamek he is regarded as one of the best Muay Thai fighters ever.

Inaugural event

The first event in Pattaya, Thailand on January 25, 2014 included super fights and a 4-man kickboxing tournament with Andrei Kulebin, Petsanguan Luktupfah, Guo Dongwang and Umar SemataAfter the inaugural event the promotion has made Thailand a regular stop on their schedule having visited there two more times.


The promotion has since been on a steady pace of events and in 2015 alone held over 20 events. this promotion is known as one of the premier kickboxing and Muay Thai organizations  in the world.

Chinese Kickboxing Kunlun Fight 2016 Finals

Chinese kickboxing promotion Kunlun Fight had its 65th event held on August 27 in Qingdao. The event was an international fight card with several notable Muay Thai fighters featured on the card. On Monday the organization announced the fight card for the upcoming show.

Kunlun Fight 65 fight card

Superbon Banchamek vs. Nayanesh Ayman
Andrei Kulebin vs. Sergii Kuliaba
Artem Pashporin vs. Mohamed Mezouari
Dzianis Zuev vs. Feng Xingli
Davit Kiria vs. Marouan Toutouh
Nikola Cimesa vs. Li Shiyuan
Yohann Drai vs. Zhang Dezheng
Marat Grigorian vs. Jomthong Chuwattana
Takhmasib Kerimov vs. Geng Quanuao
Jordan Kranio vs. Mohamed Galaoui
Kenta Yamada vs. Yang Zhuo
Yaya Matsumoto vs. Petchtanong Banchamek
David Ruiz vs. Gu Hui
Ali Makhi vs. Singdam Kiatmuu9
Jairon Ortega vs. Wei Ninghui
David Mejia vs. Ilias Bulaid
Abdollah Anizh vs. Chu Han
Robson Minotinho vs. Shan Lianlian


Kunlun Fight is broadcast in mainland China on Jiangsu Television and on HKSTV in Hong Kong and Taiwan. In 2017 Kunlun Fight MMA began to broadcast monthly on CCTV-5 .


Buakaw vs. Yodsanklai In The Works For Kunlun Fight In 2017

Buakaw vs. Yodsanklai is to Muay Thai what Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao was to Boxing.

Fans have long craved for this fight to take place and now there is a glimmer of hope for them from China.

Yodsanklai competed at MAS Fight 1 this weekend against Masoud Minaei in China. The MAS Fight promotion had special rules that included one nine minute round, you must win by KO, standing arm lock and choke techniques are legal, and 6 oz open finger MMA style gloves were used. Yodsanklai won in dominant fashion as he let his hands go and scored three knock downs on Minaei.